The Best Quality Fake Omega Speedmaster Moonwatch Sedna Gold elevates a week of work-from-home looks

It’s late-February in the UK, winter is still biting and though there are only baby signs of the lockdown being lifted, there is still a sense the end could be nigh. “Sadwear” has gripped much of my Instagram feeds’ sartorial choices over the past 12 months, but I have resolutely resisted wearing tracksuit bottoms while WFH-ing.

Instead, it’s been a prerogative of mine every day to dress up for my walk down the garden path to work, much to the amusement of my wife, children and unsuspecting neighbours, whether that involves a full-on suit and tie or a more casual dress-down floral shirt on Friday.
Of course, this also extends to luxury replica watches; I’ve had fun mixing up what piece I wear for each “occasion”. There might not be any actual events to attend that really warrant your dress watch and certainly no overseas trips to justify your GMT, but that doesn’t mean you can’t just, you know, wear them for the love of wearing a nice watch.

Indeed, if lockdown has been good for anything, it’s given us the chance to rethink some of the “rules” of watch-wearing etiquette, and what watch type you should wear when.

To help disrupt the watch-wearing dos and don’ts, my wrist played host last week to replica Omega Speedmaster in Sedna gold. Weighing in at 218g, given its versatility, stature and statement features, it’s the perfect partner in crime to illustrate that a watch is there to be worn in more ways than just the norm. To read more about its obvious impressive technical qualities and nods to past Omegas in gold, Nick Keynon has you oh so poetically covered with his ‘in-depth’ piece but if it’s a fashion fix you’re after, head this way.

You don’t have to be Ryan Gosling in Drive to pull off a bomber jacket these days. With all its pilot heritage, one thing I particularly dig about a bomber is the knitted cuffs – and not because they restrict airflow up the arms as intended. No, because they act as the perfect copy watch reveal cuff, the elasticity enabling a watch to be hugged underneath ready for a quick unveiling to tell the time. From a style point of view, black and gold has always been a banging combo (Sam Sparro would agree) and for this look, the black velvet against the Sedna gold and black dial really strike a cool chord. Smart, yet the right side of casual.
Whichever way you look at it, a Sedna gold cheap copy Omega Speedmaster Speedy says “money”, but not in an outrageously flashy way. On the contrary, despite its bling, sheer weight and size, when paired with a pinstripe suit, striped shirt and tie, it manages to remain surprisingly understated on the wrist. For me, the bracelet really comes into its own against a lighter tone of shirt, exuding elegance. And when we do all return to boardrooms, this is without doubt a serious power play combination.