Top Quality Fake Rolex 8171 “Padellone” dial and discs

At first glance, I looked at this dial amidst several lots of parts, and thought ok cool, and kept on flipping the pages. Then I paused, and came back and thought “hmmm, that’s interesting”.

Again, some things really require a closer look to see just how rare and cool they are. Big catalogs aren’t always the easiest for this, but it’s part of the fun to hunt for hidden gems.

A quality fake Rolex 8171 triple calendar moon phase is a rare complication, made in both steel and gold versions, from a company that notoriously kept their watches simple on purpose. Not only are these best replica watches incredibly rare, but spare parts for them are also almost unheard of. According to Antiquorum, several lots before and after this one came from a single consignor that is a retired watchmaker that used to work for Rolex. What a dream to hear something like that!

This dial is particularly interesting of course and in addition to its spectacular condition with the two-tone aspect of the dial perfectly preserved, the configuration is one that Antiquorum and other experts have never seen before. All of the dials observed have a Rolex coronet applied logo, Rolex printed and the word perpetual. Scholarship tells us that most dials for steel examples usually say “Precision” on them and the ones intended for gold cases usually have the “Officially Certified Chronometer”. So far, so good.

Where this dial differs from any seen elsewhere is the Swiss movement copy Rolex coronet logo is found below the day/month windows, while on all other examples it is on top and the single word “Perpetual” is found at the top of the dial. This highly unusual configuration is possibly unique and for an already rare spare part, it’s a pretty cool thing to see at the auction these days. I would also suggest having a look at the other spare parts lots, particularly Lot 263 as one might discover some additional 8171 discs in the box along with original dial cliches.
Estimate CHF 10,000–20,000 (to be sold without reserve)