Why Is The 2015 High-end Fake Omega Speedmaster Snoopy Ref. 311. So Collectible?

While some people refuse to buy a watch with a comic character on the dial, others pay over €40,000 for one. We will try to explain the immense popularity of the white dial replica Omega Speedmaster 2015.

Before the introduction of the Omega Speedmaster Silver Snoopy Award 50th anniversary watch (we showed it to you here), the white dial 2015 Speedmaster Snoopy prices were already on the rise. The cheap fake Omega Speedmaster ref. 311., introduced at Baselworld 2015, originally had a price tag of €6,000. On the first day of the Baselworld 2015 exhibition, the Speedmaster Snoopy sold out.

In this case, sold out means Omega replica sold all 1,970 of these watches to its authorized dealers. Often, when a brand indicates that a model is sold out during one of the shows, it actually means a sell-in and not a sell-out. The latter is the case when the watches are all bought by the final customer.
2015 Speedmaster Snoopy
Interestingly enough, when I first saw the 2015 Speedmaster Snoopy, I was immediately smitten by it. I already had the 2003 Speedmaster Snoopy model, and I was waiting for this 45th-anniversary edition to come out. In 2015, when “limited edition” wasn’t a dirty word, I just wanted to be on that list of 1,970 people. And I was! I received a call from the boutique towards the end of 2015, that my Speedmaster Silver Award Snoopy had arrived.

I never once considered the resale value of this watch. But, soon enough, prices went berserk. Websites like Chrono24 and eBay were replete with Snoopy Speedies fetching sky-high prices. In this article, I already discussed the price development of the Snoopy, but little did we know it would reach the jaw-dropping heights of today…
Some numbers
Whenever I see someone offering a 2015 Speedmaster Snoopy for €20K or even €30K, I simply can’t believe that those amounts are actually being wired. I mean, I love the Swiss automatic movement fake Omega Speedmaster Silver Snoopy Award. It is one of my all-time favorites. I think it is one of the nicest limited editions Omega has ever made. But that much? I simply can’t fathom it…

I asked Chrono24 for Speedmaster Snoopy prices based on actual transactions, not just on listings. And guess what? Since the end of Summer 2020, not a single one sold under €30,000 via Chrono24. Seriously. In fact, they’ve been selling for over €40,000 just recently. That’s just stunning.

Chrono24 also offers an interesting feature called “Watch Collection”, in which you can enter your watch(es) and see how their value(s) develop over time. The data used for this is a mix of sales and offers, as you can see below. The information we received from Chrono24, is based on transactions, and already indicates quite an increase compared to the chart below.