Introduction Of Prominent Movement Cal.1869 Of Omega Speedmaster Replica Watches

People who are familiar with movement will find that the movement calibre 1869 is very similar to the classical calibre 1861 of the perfect Omega fake watch. In fact, it is developed on basis of Cal.1861 and all the equipment and size are exactly the same. The difference lies in the treatment of the surface of movement.

The yellow gold is striking on the black uneven dial.
Black Leather Strap Copy Omega Speedmaster

The main plywood of common Cal.1861 adopts the silver white rhodanizing treatment while the Cal.1869 presents the black tone. Meanwhile, the gear and balance wheel of Cal.1861 are gold-plated brass, but Cal.1869 has presented the silver while. What’s more, when you look over the playwood of calibre 1869, you will find the surface is uneven instead of the commonly seen Geneva pattern.

The complicated movement could be viewed through the transparent case back.
Fabulous Omega Speedmaster Imitation Watches

In order to present the operative beauty of the movement, the dial of Omega Speedmaster copy watch with black ceramic case has been dealt with a open-worked visual effect. From the front, you will enjoy the exquisiteness of the complicated movement.