Best Replica Ulysse Nardin Surprises With Complex Marine Regatta Watches

For Ulysse Nardin replica watches for sale, it was the first time that they exhibited at the SIHH, but they sure made an impact. Various novelties were introduced and among them, a stunning new Marine Regatta  While available as part of the regular collection featuring a white or blue dial, it was the limited edition that Ulysse Nardin makes for Artemis that caught especially our attention. Ulysse Nardin used the experience and input of two yachtsmen of the Swedish team, Loïck Peyron, and Iain Percy, to create this unique watch.

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What makes the watch so unique is its complex movement Ulysse fake watches. Made up out of 650 parts it allows you to set a time, up to 10 minutes, and count down from it. While doing so, the second’s hand actually moves counter clockwise. This unique feature is vital in the world of professional sailing, such as the America’s Cup in which the Artemis team participates, taking on, among others, the Panerai sponsored teams of SoftBank Japan and ORACLE TEAM USA. Additionally, when the preset countdown time has been reached, the chronograph will automatically start moving forward, functioning as a regular chronograph.

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The new movement that makes this all possible is caliber UN-155, which in turn is based on caliber UN-153 which Ulysse Nardin’s makes in house. The Marine Regatta will therefore also share its characteristics such as a three-day power reserve and a date that can be changed both back, as well as forwards. Ulysse Nardin wraps this all in a 44mm stainless steel case with rubber details. For the Artemis limited edition Ulysse fake watches of 35 pieces, Ulysse Nardin pushed the index for the regatta timer to the edge of the dial leaving an open space in which you can see two of Artemis catamaran sailing over the Grand Feu enamel dial. A stunning piece of artistic acomplisment, matched by the technical prowess of the complex and unique movement.