Best Replica Tag Heuer Aquaracer Lady Full Ceramic Watches For Sale

Action has always spoken louder than words, so it was good to see the Tag Heuer high quality replica watches enclosure at Baselworld this year packed with watches that delivered on CEO Jean-Claude Biver’s message about embracing more disruptive, avant grade design. Happily, that walking-of-the-walk extends right across the gender divide, and one example that caught our roving eye is the Aquaracer Lady Full Ceramic.

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This is the brand’s first foray into all-ceramic watches, and the wait was worth it. At 35mm diameter Tag Heuer fake watches, this is bigger and bolder than previous women’s Aquaracers, complete with luminous markers on the indices and hands, and the usual anti-reflective coating on the crystal. Throw in the fact it’s water resistant to 300m and that ceramic is less than half the weight of steel as well as super scratch-resistant, and it’s clear this is a convincing athletic piece.
But it’s more than that. With elements like the ceramic bezel Tag Heuer fake watches on the black and rose gold version, and the optional ring of ice on the bezel tip, the balance tips neatly into the realm of sports-luxe. Which is a very contemporary place to be – after all, these days pushing boundaries and defying categorisation are what it’s all about. And if you ask us, no one does that better than Ms Cara Delevingne – lion lover, catwalk model and tomboy. (Oh, and TAG Heuer ambassador. Excellent choice, Mr Biver.)

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Meanwhile, if all-ceramic-all-the-time isn’t your thing, those preferring a touch more variation on the wrist will be pleased to hear there are also new ceramic and steel versions, with stones or without, depending on your preference.