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What defines a “Sinn replica diving watches?” If you look for the most literal interpretation, you’re likely to find ISO 6425, which outlines a strict set of internationally defined guidelines for functionality, durability, and legibility, ultimately governing what can and cannot be officially referred to as a true “dive watch.” Along those same lines but for aviator watches, Sinn has just announced the introduction of DIN 8330 – a new German industry standard spearheaded by the watchmaker, and anchored by a trio of new pilot watches, purpose-built and officially certified to be functionally safe and reliable in the cockpit. Debuting the certification are the Sinn 103 Ti IFR, Sinn 103 Ti UTC IFR, and the Sinn 857 UTC VFR replica watches.

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If this sounds familiar, note that this new standard takes Sinn’s privately developed TESTAF (Technischer Standard Fliegeruhren) standard to the next level as a nationally-recognized DIN standard. Here, we have an official aviator’s equivalent to the DIN and ISO standards that have long governed other watery realms of purpose-built watchmaking. At the risk of oversimplifying things, think of it as the ISO 6425 of pilot watches, open to any German watchmaker for consideration.

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The ink was barely dry on TESTAF’s introduction in 2012 when Sinn began campaigning for a more robust industry-wide DIN standard for all pilot watches. However, executing this took widespread cooperation from German governing bodies and the industry as a whole – specifically, consultation by Lufthansa Cargo, Airbus Helicopters, and other German watchmakers like Stowa, Hanhart, and Glashütte Original; then assistance from risk management firm DNV GL who advised the certification criteria and process; and finally, the University of Applied Sciences FH Aachen who served as the testing institute. The end result is a truly collaborative set of criteria that ultimately governs all German aviator rubber strap Sinn cheap fake watches deployed in professional and civilian air traffic alike.