Omega Railmaster Replica With Blue Denim Dial For Hot Recommendation

Referring to the Omega, many people will think of the Seamaster and Speedmaster. But even some people never hear of the Railmaster. In fact, the Railmaster was released in 1957, the quality and design of which are as good as the Speedmaster and Seamaster. The perfect Omega Railmaster fake watch with blue dial is one of the best proofs.

The blue denim version is paying tribute to the worker's clothes.
Delicate Omega Railmaster Knockoff Watch

The elements of the blue denim is so amazing. Why does Omega choose this color? In fact, it is created to pay tribute to the wear resistant denim that the workers on railroad tracks wore. The 40 mm Omega copy watch has also maintained the iconic detail of Railmaster such as the minutes scales with the style of railway.

The blue NATO strap endows the timepiece a different style.
Blue NATO Strap Copy Omega

The knockoff watch with steel case has been driven by calibre 8806, which provides a great resistance to the magnetic field of 15,000 gauss. Many people fall in love with such a charming model only after seeing the pictures.